Wrought Iron Railings, Commercial Fences and Custom Gates Builders in Toronto

Iron Railings Toronto is well-known for its exceptional and surpassed quality services for building custom iron gates, hand rails, fences, balcony railings, and more. The company has been serving the residents of Toronto and surrounding areas for more than forty years and caters to a diverse clientele including interior designers, property dealers, architectures, civil engineers, landscapers, and private residential customers. We hold years of expertise in manufacturing exceptionally crafted fences, railings, gates, and other related products using latest fabrication and molding technologies. We work with a range of metals including iron, wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum to create astounding and premium quality custom iron fences and railings.

Our highly qualified production team has the ability to design basic, ornamental, historical, vintage, Victorian, contemporary, and traditional railings and fences as per the needs of the respected customers. Whether it is a landmark building, corporate organization, a modern bar, or a contemporary styled home, our designers and technicians can create fences and railings to double the aura and appeal of the entire property. The custom products can be produced to accommodate any interior or exterior design ranging from simple and basic to decorative and ornamental. We manufacture our very own finials and castings and many other accessories to create exquisite embellishments for the commercial iron railings. Have an idea of your own? Bring it to us and we will work to turn your imaginations into actual breathtaking iron products.

Feel free to drop us a call any time and we will be pleased to serve you with the unmatchable service in town.

Hand-Forged Interior Railings

At Iron Railings Toronto, we specialize in creating supreme quality hand-forged interior railings that are well-constructed and would surely stand the test of time. Our company focuses on durability, strength, and surpassed craftsmanship that is why our stupendous railings always spell bound the customers. Our technicians can fabricate anything our clients demand including modern, contemporary, vintage, and traditional style railings. Our prodigious work reflects the flair, demands, and requirements of the clients.

Exterior Iron Work

Those in search of durable, voguish, and garnished exterior iron railings would find no better place than us as we hold 4 decades of experience in the field and have designed and produced thousands of railings for a variety of properties. We offer custom-made railings for domestic and commercial clients in and round Toronto and hold pride in providing the customers with intricately designed and brilliantly built iron products that curb the appeal of the place's exterior creating a mesmerizing charm in surroundings.

Variety of Sizes and Shapes for Stairwell Handrails

Handrails are not only installed for safety but are utilized to enhance the beauty, elegance, and luxury of the interior space. The interior and exterior handrails can add worth and beauty to any residential or commercial property. The intricate stair railing are designed and manufactured at our company using high grade metal and iron. We offer innovative cuts and striking finishes and entertain bespoke orders at compatible rates. Our artisans are expert in designing exquisite and exotic stair handrails in soft and rich colors and in variety of sizes and shapes. Any design can be selected from our vast gallery or customized orders can be placed. All stair railings and stairwell handrails are exclusively designed by the expert team of designers and engineers at Iron Railings Toronto.

Elegantly Designed Metal Fences and Balcony Railings

Our elegantly designed line of iron fences and balcony railings is considered the most top-notch one for the commercial and residential clientele. The new styles available at our company can surely provide a residential or commercial property with a quite sophisticated and phenomenal appeal. Our brilliantly manufactured and professionally installed steel fencing do not require any expensive or effortful maintenance. We provide a life time warranty for all the products. The complete range of steel fencing and balcony railing is available in our richly designed gallery and the customers are always welcomed to select from the available fences or they can come up with new ideas.

Our company is the leading manufacturer of the custom-made iron fencing deigns in Toronto and surrounding areas. Quality weather protection coating and durable iron fabrication makes each of our work truly classic and extraordinary.

Commercial Railings

The commercial properties and the corporate buildings can be made more distinguished and esthetic, by installing ornamental and sturdy fences and railings. The railings we designed can be installed at both interior and exterior commercial properties. We are dedicated to produce unique and eye-catching fence and railing designs for a range of corporate places and all products are sure to create sheer grace and elegance and will uplift the security as well.

Our virtuoso team is expert in designing classic and contemporary commercial railings and fences in an efficient, cost effective and professional way. Special attention is paid on each individual iron fabrication project to retain innovation and customer's satisfaction both at the same time.

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